Looking Cube LLCPre-Registration
Streamlined, Scalable & User Friendly

RegWiz is the result of years of managing registration for events ranging in attendance from the dozens to the tens of thousands. The system was built with two primary objectives. The first was to eliminate as much of the workload on the registration staff as possible, The second was to provide a simple and adaptable interface for the registrant. Find out how Looking Cube can help make your next event your best event. Contact us. 


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•  Customized Attendee Registration Forms
•  One-Click Alumni Registration
•  Corporate / Exhibitor Group Processing
•  Attendee Upgrade Capabilities
•  Specific Course Registration Options
•  Optional Workshops / Events Registration

Payment Processing
•  Instant Online Credit Card Processing
•  Check / PO Capabilities
•  Automatic Invoicing
•  Receipt / Confirmation Emails
•  Online Financial Reporting System

•  Customizable Report Building Tools
•  Instant Stats On Demand
•  Online Comparisons to Past Events
•  AR/Refund and Payment Batching Reports
•  All Data Available for Download On Demand

Automation & Enterprise Capabilities
•  Complete Online Admin for Event Management
•  Quick Creation of Discount Codes
•  Full Fledged Corporate and Exhibitor Group Processing
•  Mass Imports of Special Groups Available
•  Step-by-Step Registration Process for Complex Events
•  Robust Search Engine and Quick Copy Features
•  Easy Data Export Capabilities to a Variety of Formats

International Support & More
•  Multiple Interfaces for Multi-lingual Events
•  Currency Conversion Available
•  Full International Address Support