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Convenient Options to Fit Your Event Needs

Our services are the culmination of years of experience in the trenches of trade show registration. We set out to create a registration system that addresses the daily needs of event management, while reducing or eliminating the time staff spends on repetitive tasks. Our onsite entry form is simple and intuitive, allowing for quick training of entry clerks. One-click badge printing speeds up the process, and optional modules allow for self-registration. Find out how Looking Cube can help make your next onsite registration go smoothly and efficiently. Contact us.

Our online registration module allows you to simply use the existing pre-registration website right there at your event. A laser printer, and an Internet connection are all that is required. We provide the badge stock--pre-formatted for your event--and offer telephone technical support for the duration of your show if needed. Ideal for small conferences, start-ups, or any event on a tight budget.

Take RegWiz on the road with our Out-of-the-Box solution. We pack a prepared server, loaded with the full RegWiz software. You take it out of the box at your event, plug into the network, and open registration. Perfect for larger events, events that need barcoding, or for venues with tenuous Internet availability.

  Full Service
Take the convenience of RegWiz and full staff support to your event. Looking Cube staff have managed onsite registration for events ranging in size ranging from 75 to 16,000+ attendees across the country, and the world. Our account managers will be happy to assist in planning and researching all of the onsite registration needs, installing the necessary equipment, training the onsite staff, and managing the onsite registration process from start to finish.